Destination(Location) : Rajasthan
 Capital : Jaipur
 Largest City : Jaipur
 Total Area : 342,239 kmĀ²

Rajasthan, the state which magnificently rests on the Northern part of India is full of colours. From the sand dunes,wooden hills,amazing lake palaces guarded by rugged forts, men and women in turbans and skirts of vivid colours, quite villages with camels and elephants and the bustling towns with the palace hotels, the harsh sunlight, the cool evening breeze are all to be found in abundance. There is always a spectacular happening in the much talked about state, Tourists and visitor may hit upon a local, cattle fair or discover a breath taking view of the land scape

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The Golden Triangle is the most popular tourist route in India, and for very good reason. Delhi, Jaipur and Agra are three cities that capture your imagination and take you into the fascinating,

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Rajasthan is a state in northern India.The state covers an area of 342,239 square kilometres (132,139 sq mi) or 10.4 percent of the total geographical area of India. It is the largest Indian state by

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